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Smile Gallery

Before And After


Old leaking fillings with tooth cracks and new cavities are replaced with new tooth-colored restorations.

restoration before restoration after
These old metal fillings were leaking and new cavities were forming around them.
We took the metal fillings out, then used new tooth-colored restorations to fill the cavities.


Use of veneers and whitening to close gap and smooth edges.

photo ba diastema before diastema after
This patient wanted to close the wide gap between her front teeth.
We whitened her teeth and placed veneers that filled in the gap. This also smoothed the outlines of her teeth and produced a brilliant smile.


Use of new metal-free crowns and veneers that whiten and straighten the teeth.

discolored before discolored after
These teeth were discolored and the patient decided it was time to do something about it. We recommended and placed metal-free crowns and veneers. Our efforts resulted in a beautifully whitened smile and straightened teeth.


Use of veneers to lengthen worn teeth and fill gaps creates a younger, whiter smile.

lengthening before lengthening after
These teeth had been worn down over time. There was a triangular shape about them, due to the flat bottoms. Also notice the slight gap between the teeth, where they met the gums. Veneers were placed on the front teeth, improving their shape. This also filled the gap, giving this patient something more to smile about.