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Dental Questions


Will Peak Health Dentistry accept my insurance?

Peak Health Dentistry is a preferred provider for Metlife (military insurance), Premera BCBS of Alaska/Washington and MODA (State of Alaska employees). As a courtesy, we will also electronically file your claims with out-of-network providers.

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What payment options are available to me?

Peak Health Dentistry accepts cash, personal checks and all major credit cards. Your insurance co-pay is due at the time of your visit. For your convenience, we offer various payment options for extensive procedures, including financing through CareCredit.

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How does my dentist keep up-to-date on current techniques and materials?

Dr. Just and Dr. Mishler subscribe to the latest industry journals in order to keep tabs on current research and development in dentistry. They also make time for continuing education and ensure that the staff does the same. As a team and as individuals, we make it our responsibility to be familiar with the latest dental techniques and materials, so that we can continue to provide top notch and comfortable care.

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At what age should my children first see a dentist at Peak Health Dentistry?

We like to see children in our office by the age of three or four so that we can anticipate the development of their overall bite and dental development, prior to the emergence of permanent teeth. At this young age, we can recognize and take steps to prevent potential problems. It’s helpful to bring your child to your checkup so that he or she can become familiar with our office, at the Gentle Care Dental Center. We'll just introduce ourselves and play tour guide around the office. Then, on your child's first appointment, we will treat him or her gently and with special care, ensuring the experience is positive and non-threatening. Of course, if your toddler accidentally chips or knocks out a tooth prior to age three or four, you should let us know right away.

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I have a temporary crown in my mouth. What do I do if it comes off or breaks?

If your temporary crown comes off, the best immediate solution is to stabilize it with temporary tooth cement. This is typically something we provide when we place the temporary crown. If the crown has actually broken into several pieces, simply wrap the pieces carefully in a protective container. Either way, you'll want to contact our office at your first opportunity, to schedule a time for Dr. Just or Dr. Mishler to reapply the crown.

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What do I do if I have an emergency and the office is closed?

In case of a dental emergency, call our office and you will be given an emergency contact number. We'll return the call as soon as possible, provide as much helpful information as possible over the phone and arrange to see you in person, as needed.

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What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

Our entire team is well versed in state-of-the-art sanitation techniques designed to ensure patient safety. This extends beyond wearing gloves and facemasks to prevent passing germs and includes a specialized sanitation center and a water filtration system that guarantees a fresh water source for each patient.

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I really don't like visiting the dentist. Is there anything you can do to help me relax?

We pride ourselves on providing comfortable dental care to a large population of "dental phobic" patients! We offer a variety of amenities to deliver the gentle care you deserve. At your initial visit, Dr. Just or Dr. Mishler will take the time to find out what your specific needs are and will make recommendations based on your comfort level. To help you relax during your treatment, we can provide you with nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Dr. Just and Dr. Mishler are members of DOCS, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, and they are certified to administer oral conscious sedation in our Anchorage office.

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How can I have whiter teeth?

There are a number of procedures available to whiten your smile, from at-home bleaching products (two weeks treatment time) to our in-office Zoom! Whitening (one hour). Dr. Just or Dr. Mishler will evaluate your potential for teeth whitening based on your teeth's current color and the causes of discoloration. Most patients can safely achieve a dramatic improvement.

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I want my front teeth to look better, but I don't want to wear braces. What would you recommend?

Several procedures can give you a brighter, more attractive smile, including veneers, cosmetic bonding and re-contouring. Each patient is unique, so we will discuss your options during your consultation and recommend the one that suits you best.

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What is smile analysis?

The key to success in aesthetic dentistry is a clear understanding of your desired outcome. When you decide to correct or enhance your smile, Dr. Just or Dr. Mishler will complete your oral exam, discuss your smile goals and create your customized treatment plan. Dr. Just and Dr. Mishler can also employ digital imaging technology to let you visualize the possibilities for your smile makeover.

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