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Surgeon General Report: E-Cigarette Use Is A “Major Public Health Concern.”

The ADA News (12/8, Manchir) reports that the US Surgeon General said in a report released Dec. 7 that e-cigarette use among youth has been increasing in recent years at an “alarming rate,” and public health professionals, parents, and others must work together to address it.

“All Americans need to know that e-cigarettes are dangerous to youth and young adults,” said US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy in a news release about the report. “We need parents, teachers, health care providers and other influencers to help make it clear that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and are not okay for kids to use.”      

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Is Disney Helping to Advance the Field of Dentistry?

Engadget (12/5, Fingas) reports that Disney Research and ETH Zurich have developed a method “to digitally recreate teeth beyond the gum line” using “source data and everyday imagery.” After creating a model for an “average” set of teeth using 3D scans, the team “wrote an algorithm that adapts that model based on what it sees in the contours of teeth in photos and videos.” According to the article, the technology will benefit “digital actor models in animated movies and video games,” but also has “plenty of medical uses.” For example, dentists could use the technology “to previsualize a patient’s mouth before they sit in the operating chair.”

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Candy Canes, Alcohol, Citrus Fruits Among Worst Holiday Foods For Teeth

Fox News (11/10, Serrur) reports on its website that with the holiday season underway, many people may “put inhibitions aside,” and eat and drink “whatever looks good.” However, “the reckless consumption of cakes, candies, pies, beverages (alcoholic and otherwise), meats, and sides” come with “a number of potential health risks,” the article states, including some that are dental. The article provides a list of holiday foods and drinks that can damage teeth, including items such as bourbon and coffee, which can dry out the mouth; citrus fruits, which are acidic and can erode enamel; candy canes, which have a high sugar content and can also trigger a dental emergency, such as a broken or chipped tooth; and sticky candy and dried fruit, which can stay on the teeth longer than other types of candy and food. provides additional tips for cavity-free holidays and information on foods that can damage teeth.

Source is the American Dental Association

Consumer Reports: Flossing Still Beneficial For Oral Health

Consumer Reports (10/13, Harrar) discussed flossing in light of the AP story that questioned the benefits of the practice due to a lack of research. The article noted the American Dental Association continues to recommend “cleaning between teeth once a day with an interdental cleaner” to maintain oral health. In addition, “the Department of Health and Human Services concurs, noting that leaving flossing out of the most recent dietary guidelines didn’t signal that the practice was unimportant.” Dental adviser to Consumer Reports Dr. Jay W. Friedman stresses the importance of cleaning between teeth every day to remove debris and help prevent plaque buildup. Cleaning between your teeth should be “part of an overall dental-health plan aimed at preventing gum problems as well as cavities,” the article stated.

The ADA has released a statement on the benefits of using interdental cleaners, and a Science in the News article titled “The Medical Benefit of Daily Flossing Called Into Question” discussed evidence about the impact of flossing on oral health. also provides resources for patients on flossing, including the correct flossing technique.

FDA Approves Intranasally Administered, Needleless Dental Anesthetic

“Do you hate shots in your mouth?  On more than one occasion I have had patients tell me that they wish there was a way to get their teeth numb without the shots.  Great news for our patients that have fear or anxiety about needles!  The FDA has recently approved a dental anesthetic that is a nasal spray. 

What does this means for you, our patients?  You will be able to have your teeth and gums numbed for your dental work, and even gum therapy, on top teeth without shots!  Now, to be accurate, it is approved for numbing all top teeth except the molars.  So there may still be need for some injections on upper molars and for sure on bottom teeth.  Regardless, this is great progress towards pain free, Gentle Dental Care!  Below is the a brief article you can read from the ADA on this news.”

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