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Sedation Dentistry

What keeps you from visiting the dentist?

--Fear or anxiety about pain and discomfort?

Don't let this be an excuse for neglecting your oral health, because it will cause you greater problems in the long run.

At Peak Health Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry, so that you can essentially sleep through your dental procedures. Sedation dentistry also allows us to perform complex procedures in less time, which saves you time.

Oral sedation dentistry is the most common technique used in the United States.

Here is an overview:

  • Adults can take advantage of sedation dentistry, especially for major or complicated dental procedures to correct oral health issues.
  • You will take a small pill before your dental appointment.
  • You will maintain a level of consciousness that allows you to cooperate and remain responsive during the dental appointment, but you will likely not remember the dental work.
  • You will need a family member or a responsible adult to accompany you to the appointment and care for you after.
  • Any health issues should be thoroughly discussed with your dentist before sedation dentistry is attempted.
  • Full disclosure of medications you are taking will help avoid any complications with sedation.

Most people with dental phobia or low tolerance for pain are likely candidates for sedation dentistry. Don't let fear keep you from the smile you deserve.  

Make an introductory appointment with Peak Health Dentistry and ask your dentist if you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry.